Educational Institution Special Training Centre for Professional Advancement of Executive Employees and Specialists (hereinafter referred to as STC) is an organization that provides special forces units all over the world with a complex solution for fighting terrorism: consulting, training, logistics.

STC Profile:

Founded in 2010

GHQ: Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Operational Areas of Deployment: Middle East, Africa, South America, Asia, CIS.

Description: Special and counterterrorism training for Special Forces of Belarus. Since 2007 we conduct legally authorized training for foreign special force units.

Instructors: Former and current specialists from Belarusian special force agencies with extensive global operational experience.

Facts and Figures:

-      More than 5 500 specialists underwent training in the Centre (more than 2 500 are foreign specialists);

-      32 successfully implemented international projects (average duration of each project ranges from 3 weeks to 9 months);

-      A number of special force units were established in foreign states.

The Centre conducts training using the most advanced methods and technologies, as well as modern functional training programs for the development, improvement and restoration of professional capacity.

If necessary and at the request of the Customer we can assist in equipping the units with necessary arms, ammunition, military equipment, special purpose tools and devices.



1.Soviet and Belarusian school of specialists training;

STC has accumulated the most effective experience of Special Forces of the Soviet Union, Russia and Belarus. This school of training has proved its efficiency in various conflict areas: Afghanistan, the North Caucasus, conflicts in recent time.

2. Highly qualified personnel from the employees of Special Forces.

Instructor team of STC consists of the current personnel of Special Forces, as well as reserved experts with vast practical experience in combat operations.

3. Competitive prices.

Services of STC cost up to 30% less in comparison to competitors’ prices.

4. Comprehensive solutions to fight terrorism (consulting, training, logistics).

5. Certified provider of security services for Special Forces of the Republic of Belarus with a leading position in the country.

All Special Forces of the Republic of Belarus are being trained under the auspices of STC, which makes it possible to constantly maintain a high level of qualification, as well as to attract the most skilled instructors to the training process of foreign specialists.

6. Successful implementation of projects in Africa, South America, Asia and the CIS.

STC was founded in 1991. Since 2007 STC has begun to provide training services for foreign customers. For 8 years of successful international activity 32 foreign projects were implemented, and more than 5,500 specialists of Special Forces underwent training.

7. Use of functional training programs.

The program includes stages of screening, testing and training. For effective development of physical qualities and skills, and support of the organism during a high stress period STC develops individual schemes of physical training and correction. The program involves the use of modern functional equipment, pharmacological agents, dietary supplements, and sports nutrition designed for Special Forces.

This approach allows rapid adaptation and full performance recovery of a trainee. It activates functional reserves of the organism. Experiments conducted by research group of STC and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus confirm their safety and efficiency when used correctly.

8. A high level of professional and personal involvement of employees in the implementation of projects.

All employees of STC are motivated to achieve the maximum result which is reflected in the training process. Each student is given deliberate attention.

9. Issuing of the official Certificate of completion.

All specialists who have been trained by STC receive international Certificates in Russian and English, which are taken into account for future professional promotion.

10. Adjustment of programs to the needs of the Customer.

STC is a customer-oriented organization. Depending on the needs and requirements of the Customer, STC can modify the duration of training and content of training programs.

11. Conducting of training in the territory of the Republic of Belarus or in the territory of the Customer.

STC has all necessary infrastructure for training process (shooting ranges, training facilities, equipment and weapons, etc.). With the availability of basic infrastructure, training can be organized in the Customer’s territory. In this case all necessary equipment can be supplied by STC immediately prior to training.

12. Providing of domestic, medical, religious, and social services during training in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

During the implementation of projects in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, trainees receive regular medical examination, domestic services (accommodation in barracks, sleeping gear, bath, laundry, three meals daily, etc.), and conditions to meet religious needs.

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