Published: 18 april 2018, wednesday

The publication of the leading specialist of the department of scientific and methodological support of Special Training Centre Igor Gelezhunas is devoted to the ways of evacuation of the wounded from the UAZ-452.

Evacuation of the injured driver

So, a group of servicemen discovers a shelled AUZ-452. To inspect the car, the commander sends three fighters. The enemy does not detect himself, but the probability of his appearance is great, so the cover keeps the sectors of its possible appearance.

Three fighters advance to the car for inspection. Having made sure of the safety of the evacuation, as well as the safety of the wounded driver, they proceed to evacuation. One of the fighters (the "the first") checks the pulse. He releases his legs, placing his injured leg on a healthy one. Pay attention: the hand passes under the victim's left hand, the head is fixed from one side by the shoulder of the driver's left hand, and the other by the palm of the left hand of the "the first".

All the evacuation of the driver is carried out by the "the first", the rest of the fighters control the sectors. Pulling the wounded out of the car, the "first" tries to hold it, as shown in the photo. The injured leg still lies on the healthy one. The "fthe irst" casing is pressed against the back of the driver, keeping it from sliding down. It is very important to hold the vertical position, otherwise the "the first" will start to have a strangling effect on the injured!

To deliver the driver into the zone of relative safety, the "the first" conducts an inspection, renders first aid and prepares the injured for transportation to the safe zone. After the command "Help!" one of the fighters helps with further evacuation.

Evacuation of the injured through the back door

"The first" carries out evacuation. The left hand supports the legs, the right, grabbing the lapel of the jacket (unloading vest), raises the wounded man and pulls him to himself. Injured leg is laid on a healthy by the grip of the lapel pivot.

"The first" puts the injured on the shoulders, evenly distributing the weight. And begins to withdraw, after have given the command "Covered."

Next, the group is immediately withdrawn.

Trainings can be viewed under the link.

*The article is published in "Spetsnaz" magazine. Photos by Alexandra Staduba.


Basics of helping the wounded in tactical situations: evacuation from the UAZ-452 car
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