Published: 27 july 2018, friday

The publication of the leading specialist of the department of scientific and methodological support of Special Training Centre Igor Gelezhunas is devoted to the ways of evacuation of the wounded from the MAZ car. 

A number of cars due to their design features can create difficulties for the evacuation of the victims. One of such inconvenient vehicles is MAZ car. The reason is the cabin height. The advantage is the fact that the wounded can be immediately placed on the shoulders of the host and quickly move to a safe area.

Evacuation of a driver from a cabin

A group of four servicemen moved to a MAZ bombarded car. The first one discovered a serviceman. When he is sure that the person is alive, he begins evacuation from the cabin.

The first frees the legs of the victim and places them on the right thigh, spreading the wounded face to face. Calls for help from the "second", which is preparing to take the victim and fix it on his shoulders.

The "second" distributes the weight of the wounded on the shoulders, "the first one controls and supports the victim with his right hand.

After regrouping, the group departs into a safe area. 

 Evacuation of a wounded fighter from the trunk 

The MAZ car can not continue moving. The wounded serviceman is in the trunk of the vehicle. The commander decides to continue moving on foot.

"First" one, after receiving the "Help!" Command, intercepts the wounded from the "fourth", as shown in the photographs. There comes the "third", which, jumps from the body of the car, picking up the wounded legs. The group is landing and preparing to evacuate the "three hundredth" from the body. "First" and "second" occupy a position on the left and right side of the car.

The "Third" stacks the injured leg on a healthy one and is preparing to direct the feet of the victim down. "Fourth," while moving, controls the position of the wounded, raises his body and prepares the victim to descend.

Next, two fighters are involved in the evacuation of the victim, while others provide cover. Having left the MAZ for a safe distance, soldiers can build stretcher for more comfortable evacuation.

Trainings can be viewed under the link.

*The article is published in "Spetsnaz" magazine. Photos by Alexandra Staduba.


Basics of helping the wounded in tactical situations: evacuation from the MAZ car
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