Published: 18 march 2018, sunday

March 2-4, 2018, International Practical Seminar on "Physical training and the basics of physiotherapy of sports and working dogs after significant physical exertion" was held on the basis of Special Training Center.

In order to improve interaction and exchange of experience with cynological organizations of the sports profile of the Republic of Belarus, Educational Establishment Special Training Center became a partner of the International Workshop.

Mirjam Knauer from the Federal Republic of Germany was invited as an instructor for the seminar.

Mirjam Knauer is the leading physiotherapist for dogs of the German national team in IPO (cynological sport).

Participants of the seminar got theoretical knowledge and practical skills of warm-up and hitching of sports dogs.

All students appreciated the quality of teaching, the relevance of knowledge received, noted that the training will contribute to the development of their professional competencies.

We are waiting for everyone at our future seminars!


International seminar on cynology was held at STC
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