Published: 13 october 2017, friday

Representative of STC Special Training Centre took part in inter-parliamentary hearings on the subject "Effective Counteraction to the System of Collective Security for Hybrid Wars in Modern Conditions" which took place September 30, 2017 in the capital of the Republic of Armenia (Yerevan).

The hearings were held in accordance with the Program of Activities of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty on the approximation and harmonization of the national legislation of member states for 2016-2020. The initiator of the event was the Permanent Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly on political issues and international cooperation.

The event was attended by more than 65 parliamentarians, experts and specialists, involved in scientific work and practical activities in the field of regional and national security from Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia and Tajikistan. The hearings were held within the framework of two plenary sessions - << Theory and practice of hybrid wars. Legal issues >> and << Soft technologies (information, diplomatic and economic) of hybrid wars >>. 13 reports were presented to the participants, more than 20 participants of the hearings expressed their opinion in the debate.

During the plenary sessions, problems related to the Balkan experience in hybrid wars, specific issues of institutionalizing the assistance of civil society in ensuring national security in the conditions of a hybrid war, scientific information politics in a polycentric world and hybrid wars, information, financial, economic and ideological factors in hybrid wars, the possibilities of economic resistance to hybrid wars, xenophobia as an element of a hybrid war in the context of regional security.

STC Deputy Head Dmitry Perevalov took part in the hearings as one of the experts representing Belarus and delivered a report on the topic "Legal provision of counteraction to hybrid wars". In his speech, he brought to the participants of the event some intermediate results of scientific research conducted by STC Special Training Centre in the field of national and collective security. Particular attention was paid to the problematic issues of the formation of the regulatory and legal framework for the activities of authorized actors to counter hybrid wars. Prospective measures are proposed to fill existing gaps and create an effective system of legal support for the law enforcement practice in question.

In the lobby, interested, informal and informative discussions were held on the reports submitted for discussion. In the course of the polemic, sharp questions were raised and interesting proposals were made. 

After hearing and discussing the reports and speeches in the debate, one of the organizers and moderators of the interparliamentary hearings, Khosrov Melikovun, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Economic Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, noted that in developing the problems of countering hybrid wars, the CSTO community is at the beginning of its way. The first experience in this direction can be considered successful, this work needs to be continued.


STC Representative Took Part in Hybrid War Interpaliamentary CSTO Hearings
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