Published: 10 november 2017, friday

October 21 - 22, 2017, an international training workshop was held on the grounds of the Special Training Centre. Topic of the seminar "Work with target substances while training service dogs".

Instructor Wesley Visscher, a Dutch instructor, founder and owner of the professional training company "Scent Imprint For Dogs (SIFD)", was invited to present his experience.

Within the framework of the seminar, participants got acquainted with theoretical information and worked on the acquired knowledge during the practical training.

The classes covered a wide range of topics including:

  • training of service dogs to find the target substance in a truck;
  • training of service dogs to find the target substance in the premises;
  • training puppies of service dogs to search for the smell of the target substance (use of simulators, application of a clicker and word markers);
  • training service dogs on staging on a smell of a target substance, when the substance is dangerous for a dog's health;
  • distinctive factors in the training of service dogs to find the target substance and work in real conditions;
  • rules for the use of the target substance during the training process;
  • rules of scent discipline (rules for storing the target substance);
  • dogs working in presence of external stimuli (sharp and strong sound, a large number of people, other animals);
  • use of training logs in the daily work of a cynologist (logging features, drawing up a schedule for training service dogs, drawing up a plan for conducting classes).

All the participants appreciated the quality of teaching, the relevance of the knowledge received. Everybody noted that the training will contribute to the development of their professional competencies.

We are waiting for everyone at our seminars!


International Cynological Seminar Is Organized by STC
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