Tactical and special training is an essential and integral part of training of Special Forces Units which ensures their ability to carry out corresponding combat missions.

Within the framework of tactical and special training the Educational Institution Special Training Centre for professional advancement of executive employees and specialists offers comprehensive training and combat coordination of Special Forces Units.

Пулеметная подготовка

The training takes place in the form of courses, trainings, practical seminars and field training; it also may take the form of competitions of Special Forces Units. 

All classes are organized and conducted in specialized classrooms, halls, educational and training grounds of the Centre, along with the training sites of our partners with the use of modern means of teaching, training hardware and simulators.

The content and the amount of training for each tactical and special training course is developed with account of the combat mission and the specific tasks that are to be fulfilled by the Special Force Unit, security service, security company, as well as the conditions in which they will operate. Upon development of each training program, the possibilities and wishes of the particular customer are necessarily taken into account. 

In the process of intensive training, the personnel of Special Forces will gain all the necessary knowledge, acquire practical skills required to perform their official duties, study and deepen their knowledge, receive practice, and improve their skills in such areas as:

  • initial individual training of the soldier of a Special Force Unit;
  • organization of the activities and management of the unit during combat operations in different conditions;
  • conduct of combat in urban conditions;
  • conduct of combat in mountainous, deserted, forested and marshy areas;
  • conduct of reconnaissance and combat operations;
  • escort of loads and convoying, counter ambush actions;
  • guarding and protection of important sites;
  • release of hostages in buildings, in aircraft and automobile transport;
  • psychological training of the personnel of Special Forces.

All classes of tactical and special training are conducted by experienced instructors and lecturers of the Centre who served in Special Forces of the Republic of Belarus and have good experience in training of Special Forces Units both on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, in neighboring countries, in Latin America, Africa, etc.

Special Training Centre does not provide special tactical training for individuals. Employees of commercial (non-government) structures can be trained only after providing an end-user certificate of international standard.

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