Special Training Centre conducts educational and methodological sessions focused on topical issues of high-precision shooting.  At the training sessions snipers of different units upgrade their skills and share their experiences, thereby improving their professionalism.


Special Training Centre actively implements new technologies in training of snipers, embracingtechnical innovations in sniping and counter-sniping tactics existing in the world today.

Despite the use of modern means of eliminating the enemy in modern warfareand counterterrorist operations, the role of the sniper remains of paramount importance. A rifle is a dangerous weapon in the hands of an experienced sniper. The experience of all armed conflicts shows that a few tens of kilograms or even tons of metal are spent for destruction of one enemy. To perform this task, the sniper uses only several grams of metal hitting the enemy usually with a single shot. The effectiveness of snipers has been widely confirmed by specialists, thus, sniper training is still one of the major focus areas of military art in all special units of the world.

Specialists of Special Training Centre constantly study and adopt new techniques of training, improve mastery in high precision shooting and develop their experience.

The following aspects of sniper training are studied at educational and methodological sessions attended by employees and servicemen of Special Units of the Republic of Belarus:

  • firing training and ballistics;
  • tactics;
  • counter-sniping;
  • camouflage and features of its use in counter-terrorist operations.    

The level of firing training of Special Units snipers is checked during shooting competitions organized and conducted by Special Training Centre. At the competitions, snipers perform special firing tasks simulated on the basis of the specifics of the precise shot in different conditions which the changing situation often dictates.

Special attention is given to development of weapon systems and optical means. With this in mind, the specialists of the Centre use the latest technologies and innovations of optical, electronic and laser equipment during the training.

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