STC offers complex counterterrorism solutions which consist of 3 stages: consulting, training, logistics.

As a result, Customer gets a formed, completely equipped counterterrorism unit.


During STAGE 1 (CONSULTING) the following work is done:

  1. Analysis of the situation in the Client’s country.
  2. Assessment of the present threats and challenges.
  3. Development of a concept of organization of units and training of specialists who are able to combat the existing threats and effectively resolve the appearing tasks.
  4. The concept of the unit’s organizational structure, the options for its training and supply with weapons, ammunition, military and special equipment.

After that candidates selection takes place:

Selection is held by STC specialists together with the representatives of the Customer (in the territory of the Customer) with the use of the most cutting-edge diagnostic equipment.  

In the course of selection the following parameters are assessed:

  • psychological condition and readiness to perform duties and fulfill missions;
  • general physical condition;
  • functional readiness of a person (verified with diagnostics equipment);
  • loyal attitude to the effective authorities (verified with a lie detector).

According to the results of the selection STC provides the Customer with recommendations on completing the unit with the most appropriate candidates.


STAGE 2 (TRAINING) is divided into 4 steps:

  • Basic course training;
  • Specialists course training;
  • Advanced specialization course training (according to the staff structure);
  • Combat coordination.


а) Basic course training.

Goal: Improvement of basic skills of military personnel.

Implementation: Training includes the following disciplines:

Special tactical training.

Firing training.

General physical training and hand-to-hand fighting.

Result:  Each member of the unit receives and improves the skills of precise firing, hand-to-hand fighting and decisive and tactically correct actions in the battlefield in different conditions.

b) Specialists course training

Goal: learning to operate different types of military and special equipment, special skills and knowledge.

Implementation: training according to specialists training courses

Unit Commander

Bomb disposal specialists (IED, EOD)


Drone operator

Optical and electronic reconnaissance specialist

Radio operator

Combat medic

Collective weapons specialist (machine gun, grenade launcher, automatic grenade launcher, mine launcher, antitank missile)

Result:  learning to operate different types of weapons, combat and special equipment, specific skills and knowledge to fight against terrorism.


с) Advanced specialization course training (according to the staff structure).

Goal: Training already prepared and skillful soldiers and specialists to act within their units according to their missions.

Implementation: Training of personnel according to their specialization in conformity with the selected organizational and staff structure of the unit.

Rangers division (light infantry)

Commando division

Result: military personnel having a good command of their specialization-based skills who are able to fulfill tasks of the unit in different combat situations.


d) Combat coordination.

Goal: to teach military personnel to perform joint actions within their group, squad, platoon, and as a part of the whole unit to fulfill the given mission.

Implementation: final stage of the training. Combat coordination is carried out in the territory of the Customer in order for the unit to fulfill combat tasks effectively. 

Result: the whole unit able to effectively perform combat missions.




STC conducts training with the use of the most modern types of weapons, ammunition, military and special equipment and technical means. If necessary and at the request of the Customer STC together with its partners can assist in supplying the unit with the required weapons, ammunition, military equipment and special means.


Besides a complex approach to training special force units STC offers training of separate specializations.

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