Throughout the entire history, humankind has given great importance to the issue of truth and lies. Even in ancient times, rulers of different nations and their courts used all possible methods in order to reveal a liar and to establish the truth.

Nowadays, due to worldwide recognition of the inalienable rights to life, liberty, personal inviolability the Law of Criminal Procedure is developing towards establishment of stricter framework for Law Enforcement Agencies in obtaining evidence during investigation of crimes. However, criminality does not limit itself in any way. Criminals use the latest achievements of science and technology for planning and committing crimes.  This brings about the need for law enforcement systems to develop and use innovative methods of detection and investigation of crimes.

One of such methods that has been successfully used for about 100 years in more than 60 countries worldwide is the use of a polygraph or a lie detector. 

Most of studies employing the lie detector are conducted by state law enforcement agencies and special services. The polygraph is used as a means of combating terrorism, corruption, and also as a systematic means of selection and testing of personnel conducted upon admission to operational and investigative activities or for granting access to classified information.

Polygraph studies are relevant during employment, periodic inspections of personnel required for promotion, and official investigations conducted in cases when links with terrorist, criminal or anti state structures are suspected, etc. In this respect, psychophysiological testing is very important because not only welfare, health, and lives of individual citizens, but also the security of the society and the state in general depend on conscientiousness, honesty, and integrity of personnel and heads of law enforcement agencies. 


Successful usage of the polygraph by law enforcement agencies determined interest to this topic among private businesses.  The polygraph is effective in testing of candidates for work as it ensures detection of conceived negative facts of their biography, criminal intentions towards the company and its employees, possible addictions (to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.) which can probably push them to commit offenses and crimes. The usage of the polygraph is equally effective and relevant during internal investigations. Polygraph testing minimizes the time of internal investigations, narrows down the amount of suspects, prevents unreasonable suspicions, allows to receive the most reliable information on the mechanism and circumstances of the offense committed, and also saves time, material and human resources during detection of crimes.

Polygraph testing has great preventive potential as employees of the organization understand the possibility of being tested and it works as a powerful deterrent.   

The effectiveness of polygraph usage depends signifficantly on the level of training of polygraph specialists, that why special attention should be given to organization of the process of their training.

The training program of polygraph specialists in the Educational Institution Special Training Centre for Professional Advancement of Executive Employees and Specialists includes different approaches used by scientific polygraph schools existing in Russia and Belarus. The experience of application of the polygraph in CIS countries, Europe, Japan, and the USA is used to the full extent. The Centre has successful experience of training of Belarusian and foreign specialists.

The training is conducted by highly qualified instructors of the Special Training Centre who are experienced in using the polygraph for disclosure of various types of crimes (murders, searches for missing persons, terrorism, drugs, and etc.), as well as for official proceedings and personnel inspections (for detection of corruption, thefts, information leakage, misconducts, and etc.). In addition, the training is carried out by members of the International Association of Polygraph Examiners who participated in training of various Law Enforcement Agencies of Belarus (the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB, the Ministry of Defence, Presidential Security Service, Customs authorities, etc.), as well as other countries, and are authors of a number of scientific and practical publications and study guides on the use of the polygraph.   

During the training, trainees are provided with a variety of guidance materials. 

In addition to the training the Special Training Centre offers services for selection and acquisition of polygraphs produced by Russian, American and European manufacturers. Besides, the Centre provides psychophysiological research services with the use of polygraphs.

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