Life Wrestling is a method of mass training of first aid skills and behavior in extreme situations for people having no medical education. This method was developed by V.G. Bubnov, Doctor of Medicine, member of the Academy of Military Sciences.


The relevance and popularity of Life Wrestling reflect the vital importance of timely and correct delivery first aid for any specialist. According to the World Health Organization, only 20% of victims of accidents have fatal traumas, and up to 30% of injured people being in life-threatening conditions can be rescued if the first aid is delivered in time and correctly.

The knowledge and skills acquired during the course of Life Wrestling can be useful for members of different security services during performance of their duties in the event of emergency.

If you want to save yourself and your loved ones, and know the rules of behavior in various life-threatening situations, attend the course of Life Wrestling.

If you want not only to have skills, but to be second to none in casualties rescue, take part in the Life Wrestling Championship. The motto of the competition is "A saved life is the price of a medal!".

Determine in the competitive struggle the level of your practical skills and correct your actions during performance of case studies on delivery of first aid to casualties in simulated emergency situations!

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