Both in Belarus and abroad, rappelling and evacuation with the use of mountaineering equipment are recognized as the most effective solution for a wide range of tasks executed by special force units and rescue services.

Today, when the issue of the speed of response of a special force unit comes to the forefront (which is mostly determined by the speed of its delivery to the objective), the techniques of delivery are gaining paramount importance. Delivery of a special force unit to the objective in urban conditions characterized by heavy traffic and frequent congestions is often no easier than delivery to a remote mountainous or woody area. This brings about the need for highly effective techniques of rapid delivery of units to particular regions of a country, especially when ground transportation is difficult or impossible.

Under the abovementioned conditions, the advantage of delivery of a group by a helicopter comes to the forefront. However, due to absence of special helicopter pads landing and unloading from the vehicle on the ground in most cases is impossible. Thus the only available, effective and safe option for delivery of special force units is rappelling with the use of mountaineering equipment.

Беспарашютное десантирование

This delivery option ensures rapid unloading of personnel and equipment on any surface at any time of the day.  The number of persons that can rappel at the same time depends on the type of aircraft and can be up to 8. In cases when landing of a helicopter is impossible, evacuation of personnel and cargo can also be performed with the use of mountaineering equipment on the helicopter sling load.  This technique allows performing evacuation from water surface, cross-country terrain, forested areas and high-rise objectives in the city.

Throughout the world, rappelling with the use of mountaineering equipment is considered as the most effective option for personnel delivery and evacuation.  

Educational Institution Special Training Centre for Professional Advancement of Executive Employees and Specialists conducts training sessions in delivery and evacuation of special force units by means of rappelling. During these sessions, employees of different special force units develop the skills of rappelling with the use of mountaineering equipment.

Today, special force units use cutting-edge technical innovations and new options for the use of mountaineering equipment during delivery and evacuation of personnel by helicopters of different types. STC keeps the track of foreign experience in the field of personnel delivery and evacuation by means of rappelling with the use of mountaineering equipment and follows the trends in evolution of corresponding techniques. 

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