Educational Institution Special Training Centre for Professional Advancement of Executive Employees and Specialists provides professional training for industrial climbers as well as training for professionals whose activities are related to climbing works.

Промышленный альпинизм

Participants of the industrial climbing course conducted by the Centre are offered various  educational programs, standard and specific development plans with account of the level of training of the Client and the specifics of his work.

The Center conducts theoretical and practical training in the following areas:

- Climbing works and industrial climbing;

- Industrial climbing instructor;

- Laying of pipes;

- Installation of communication equipment, repairs and maintenance of aerial structures;

- Corrosion protection;

- Repairs of facades of buildings and structures;

- Repairs of special high-rise buildings;

- Roofing;

- Installation of air conditioning;

- Installation of promotional items.

We try to make the training process exciting and as useful as possible, so the curriculum consists 80% of the practical training.

Training takes place in classrooms and the training range with all the necessary modern equipment. The main feature of the training base is computer equipment and technical training facilities. The instructors are highly qualified professionals: trainers, rescue workers, doctors, psychologists and experts in healthcare and safety.

The Special Training Centre successfully passed certification for compliance with the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2000, which is confirmed by certificates.

The Centre works not only in Belarus, but also in CIS as well non-CIS countries. The Centre specialists carry out site-training at the client's premises in addition to training in the classrooms of the Centre.

Upon completion of the training, graduates get certificates and (or) qualification licenses of the standard form.

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