About the Special Training Centre

Educational Institution Special Training Centre for Professional Advancement of Executive Employees and Specialists is a leading institution of the Republic of Belarus for training of Special Forces of all law enforcement agencies of Belarus. The Centre has vast experience in training of professionals of these units all over the world in Africa, South America, Middle East, CIS and Transcaucasia.

The Centre conducts training using the most advanced methods and technologies used in the sports of records and high achievements, as well as with the use of innovative functional training programs for the development, improvement and restoration of professional capacity.

If necessary and at the request of the Customer we can assist in equipping the units with necessary arms, ammunition, military equipment, special purpose tools and devices. The Centre works in close rapport with global producers of above mentioned goods.

Trainings are administered by a team of instructors who are former and current specialists from Belarusian special force units with extensive global operational experience and experience in training of high-grade specialists.

We extend a warm welcome to mutually beneficial cooperation!